Friday, July 2, 2010

A Hug

A thank you hug after moving into the Dorm! That was a lot of work but we made it through it. Tyler's all moved in and ready for college. The drive back home was rainy and long. I wrote this poem. This mom is going to really miss her boy! Yet as long as he is happy and healthy, all is good.


It was sunny the previous day

but now it’s gray,
the rain falls from the sky,
tears from my eyes.

I can't count the times
I've thought of you,
I count the number of inches in the meter,
number of tissue.

I feel the wet drops,
some warm, some cold.
I hear the softly muffled sobs,
yet there's a silence in the air.

I will count the days,
raindrops, snowflakes, each fond memory,
until my sunshine comes back to me.
As I wait behind.

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